Friday, January 22, 2016 – EL BARRIO
Saturday, January 23, 2016 – EL BARRIO
Sunday, January 24, 2016 – CAFE ‘LIBER
Monday, January 25, 2016 – RAT CAFE’

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The appointment Hip Hop Old School Turin par excellence, the one and only The Age of Aquarious !
Now Now in its 16th edition , TAOA is a four-day beats , dance , freestyle , mcs , vinyls , battles , and generally, hip hop cultures to 100%.

The festival will start Friday, January 22 in El Barrio , where he also held the second day of Saturday 23 , Sunday 24 and will move at Cafè Liber and concluded its path Monday 25 to Rat Cafe.

The Age Of Aquarius born in 2001 through word of mouth, with the aim of sharing the birthday of Maurice “The Next One” Reedy , to play some good music to dance friends. Those who follow him from the beginning will remember that in the early editions, there was no program and therefore there was no specific attention directed towards the attraction of a guest.
So the intent was simply to create the surprise, without publishing any names in order to lead to a choice of whoever has the will to participate without any pretense, thus giving more prominence to good music, becoming itself the heart of the evening. In the words of Grace Jones’ Slave To The Rhythm “!
TAOA has been structured over the years, getting used to his audience, taking shape, becoming a real state of mind, for some a pole of attraction and gathering place for artists (but not only), musicians, admirers and fans of hip-hop culture and music in the broadest sense, from all over the country, showing that together, little by little you can break down those stereotypes dictated by “pop” ranking and those limits which tend to enclose the genres, styles and epochs that have good music product.
Today, this “mental state” which reunited every year in late January, has reached the artistic support of an international Jam , increasingly assuming the characteristics of a music festival , proposing also summer edition called “the Concrete Jungle”, giving everyone ample opportunity to perform. The Age of Aquarius is made ​​of positive people who start from far away to stay together, whose purpose is to have fun, dancing, listening, sharing, learning but especially breathing emotions and positive vibrations through an aggregation message and artistic confrontation that leads with it the hip-hop culture.

E ‘it is stupid to try to contain the ocean water in a sink: the music represents the humankind and is therefore culture, then a world heritage site.

For more information, visit the blog of Mauri “The Next One” Reedy or the event fb

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